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                    ins 里的story在哪

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                    ins 里的story在哪


                    ins 里的story在哪

                    For information about major and minor programs, please visit sllc.umd.edu

                    For information about major and minor programs, please visit sllc.umd.edu

                    Check out our upcoming events!

                    ins 里的story在哪

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                    The Language House

                    is a living-learning immersion experience located in the center of campus. Students in the Arabic cluster commit to speaking only Arabic inside the apartment, and participate in a variety of clubs and events to reinforce their language and cultural knowledge.

                    Education Abroad

                    helps students from all over UMD find the perfect study abroad program for them. Students can find opportunities to study abroad during their summer, winter, and spring breaks as well as semester-long programs and more. Many programs are available in the Middle East, including Morocco, Jordan, and Tajikistan.

                    The SLLC Language Partner Program

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                    Middle Eastern Studies Minor

                    is a great addition to any Arabic or Persian student's language study. The MESM program aims to increase the awareness of the Middle East and North Africa, to enhance understanding of the region's diverse peoples, lands, and cultures and to broaden historical and contemporary perspectives. Arabic and Persian language and content courses can be counted towards MESM requirements.

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                    The Career Center

                    is a fantastic resource for all UMD students looking to research careers, polish their resume, write a cover letter, or practice for a job interview. Dedicated staff are available year round to help students with their individual needs, as well as offering a variety of open lectures and workshops dedicated to topics such as getting the most out of your LinkedIn account or making the decision between Graduate and Law school.

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                    is part of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. This research organization provides students with a wealth of resources and opportunities, including a minor in Global Terrorism, internships, study abroad programs, and career development programs.

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                    The Global Semester Program

                    is modeled on the highly successful Federal Semester program, but focuses on global leadership and policy. Much like the Federal Semester, Global Semester students take a seminar class and complete a relevant internship to complete their program. Global Semester students can follow three different tracks: Responses to Global Challenges, Science Diplomacy, or U.S. Diplomacy.


                    The Language Science Center

                    incorporates UMD’s 200+ language scientists who are found in 17 different departments and research centers. The LSC provides a home base for language research, training, and more. This great organization provides bridges between UMD students, staff, and faculty, as well as to outside spheres such as government and policy.


                    The Center for Advanced Study of Language

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                    The National Foreign Language Center

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